NSTAA©, test, assess, and enhance your negotiation skills  

The Negotiation Skills Test And Assessment is an online test that helps assess an individual’s level of knowledge and skill in negotiation. Created by ADN Group’s professional negotiators coming from various fields of expertise (commerce, social, finance, hostage-taking, diplomacy…) the NSTAA© meets global standards in negotiation and is recognised by the UN.

Today the NSTAA© is used by multinational corporations and over 10,000 participants have taken the test.

Establish your level in negotiation

The NSTAA© is a 25-minute online test.  

Available in English or in French, it is based on fifty multiple choice questions and case studies. The price of the test is 180 euros, including Tax and VAT.

At the end of the test, participants will be given a final score and a certificate of authenticity.

Assess your aptitude in negotiation

The NSTAA© has a global score out of 100.  

Other than the final score, the NSTAA© will also provide you with an assessment of your field of skill.  


Context analysis
  • Understand the opposing party’s motivations
  • Assess the credibility of threats and ultimatums
  • Define the negotiator’s motivational structure
  • Use logic and reasoning in complex situations
  • Identify complex profiles
  • Assess the connections of influence within an organisation  
  • Collect information
  • Analyse behaviour and detect lies
Strategies and tactics
  • Make enlightened decisions in uncertainty
  • Manage dilemmas
  • Identify appropriate solutions
  • Act wisely
Negotiation management
  • Carry out a difficult negotiation
  • Influence the opposing party
  • Manage complex profiles
  • Close and debrief a negotiation
Case study
  • A 360° assessment based on the four fields here above.

Question examples?

Test and certify your skills in negotiation

At the end of the test, the participant will receive their electronic certificate by email mentioning their global score.

Participants from all over the globe

The test can be taken by individuals wanting to gauge or enhance their level in negotiation or by companies of any size that want to impose negotiation standards within their organisation.