Preparing to take the NSTAA© negotiation test

Other than practicing there are two ways to prepare for the test efficiently:

  • ADN Group’s Complex Negotiation Masterclasses
  • recommended reading

Complex Negotiation Masterclass

Created and carried out by ADN Group’s negotiators, the masterclasses are unique training programmes in complex negotiation. You will experience a different kind of training thanks to high level theoretic teaching and individual and collective practical roleplaying.

The courses are all certifiable, last for two days and are eligible for different kinds of funding.

Recommended Reading

Each book is a dive into the world of negotiation. Whether from the technical angle, the psychological aspect or even by apprehending the place of the relationship in the negotiation, each book brings a lot of operational knowledge tested in the field every day by the ADN teams.

Negotiator received the prize from the Academy of Commercial Sciences in 2020